FAQs | أكاديمية أماديوس


Q. What is the Amadeus Academy ?

The Institute is a travel, tourism and hospitality educational and training center.

Q. Are there any mandatory enrollment requirements?

Participants should be 16 + years of age and possess: a minimum secondary school certificate, basic mathand English language skills.

Q. Why should one choose a career in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry?

This industry offers more than 50,000 employment opportunities, and the potential for growth is limitless in Palestine & The Region

Q. Who will deliver the training and accreditation / certification Diplomas & Courses?

Instructors & Trainers ,with up-to-date certifications, and extensive training/work experience, will deliver the courses.

Q. In what language are the courses Delivered ?

Arabic and English.

Q. In what language are the Institute’s & International  Exams and certification/accreditation exams held?

In English only.

Q. What are the benefits of enrolling in certification/accreditation diploma & Courses  programs?

The certifications/ accreditations gained, are recognized and used internationally, and demonstrate proof of competence.

Q. Does the Institute offer evening courses for working professionals?

Hours are flexible and can accommodate for anyone who wants to enroll in courses after their work.

Q. Does the Institute provide tailor-made courses for higher-level industry professionals?

Tailor Made Courses & Diplomas are available and In-company Training

Q. Does the Institute provide onsite work experiences?

Some courses offer participants valuable hands-on, practical onsite work.( On -The -Job Training )

Q. Does the Institute offer any financial aid solutions?

The Institute has partnered with Bank Audi to provide loans at 0% to interested participants.

Q. Are the Institute’s training courses within everyone’s reach?

The Institute provides state-of-the-art facilities and quality services at competitive prices. Installment payment options can be requested.